Russell Wilson Hasn’t Capitalized on Opportunities vs. Rams this Season

In their two games this season, it’s tough to argue that the Rams Defense didn’t win the matchup against the Seahawks Offense. They held Seattle to 16 and 20 points respectively. Russell Wilson played to a 74.1 passer rating and was sacked 11 times. A big reason for those struggles was that Wilson left plays on the field. Sometimes, he just didn’t see the field well. Sometimes, he moved unnecessarily causing him to miss potential opportunities, as you can see on the below plays.

The Seahawks came back to this post-wheel concept multiple times in their Week 16 matchup.

Wilson missed another open wheel route on what would end up being their game-sealing touchdown drive. Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer wisely came back to it on 3rd-and-4.

I don’t anticipate Saturday’s Wild Card game being a high-scoring one. The Rams are one of the best defenses in the NFL for a reason. But Seattle was able to consistently draw up plays that generated open receivers in both of their matchups this season. It’s on Russell Wilson now to see it and execute.

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