Seahawks (10-6) vs. Cowboys (10-6) Preview

The Seahawks beat the Cowboys 24-13 in their Week 3 matchup this season. Despite the loss, Dallas had success stopping Seattle’s running game (as we wrote this week). Seattle wants to run the ball (#1 in the NFL in run/pass ratio, #1 in rushing yards, #5 in rushing yards per attempt). They were able to stick with their ground game for 4 quarters in Week 3 despite the lack of success because they took an early lead. The Seahawks converted enough 3rd downs and made enough big plays to put points on the board. They also forced 3 Dallas turnovers.

The Cowboys Offense, on the other hand, was very efficient running the ball in that game, rushing for 166 yards on 19 carries (8.7 yards per rush). Yes, they do have an improved passing game after their mid-season acquisition of wide receiver Amari Cooper. But Dallas is mistaken if they think they should put the ball in Dak Prescott’s hands and let him throw the ball all over the field. They’ll be in trouble if they find themselves in that type of game. The Cowboys’ offensive strength is running the ball, and Seattle’s defense ranks 30th in the NFL in rushing yards per attempt. No need to get cute if you’re Dallas. Feed Ezekiel Elliott.

Checkout how these teams match up below: