Is J.J. Watt the Best Defensive Player in the NFL?

Yes. It’s as simple as that. If you didn’t think so before Week 1, just pop in the game film. It’s hard to imagine one player single-handedly disrupting an entire offense, but J.J. Watt managed to do exactly that on Sunday against the Redskins.

Watt aligned all across the defensive line against Washington, as he always does. He used everything at his disposal to win. He used a speed rush off the edge to get a sack. He used great leverage and power to drive offensive lineman back into Robert Griffin III’s lap. He blew up running plays with that same strength and brute power. He used his long arms to get his hands on offensive linemen before they could get to him. This allowed him to control them and push them back. He fought through double teams and overwhelmed in his one-on-one matchups.

On one play he drove his blocker back into RGIII’s lap and smothered the ball using his big mitts as Griffin was throwing. As you can see below, the lineman is practically stepping on RGIII’s foot. Tough to play quarterback in those conditions. That red line is the line of scrimmage by the way. That’s the point from where Watt started his stampede.

J.J. Watt Dominating - Screen Shot Courtesy of Gamepass
J.J. Watt Dominating – Screen Shot Courtesy of Gamepass

Watt was incredible on Sunday. It’s a shame that Jadeveon Clowney got hurt because the Texans were finding ways to torment the Redskins’ offense by aligning them side-by-side and creating one-on-one matchups. If Clowney can get back on the field and stay healthy, the Texans will have a dynamic one-two punch up front that could consistently make timid little boys out of big strong offensive linemen and quarterbacks.

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