Jordan Cameron Emerges

He has basically come out of nowhere, his name rarely uttered in his first two seasons in the NFL. But suddenly in 2013, Browns tight end Jordan Cameron is one of the best in the league.

Through 4 games this season, the Browns have attacked with him in the middle of the field. 22 of his 30 receptions have come between the numbers. On 25 of his 30 receptions, he’s been aligned either in a traditional tight end position with his hand in the ground next to a tackle, or flexed out a few yards from the formation in a 2-point wide receiver stance. So far, defenses haven’t been able to handle him.

Attacking with Cameron in the middle of the field provides a big safety blanket right in front of the quarterback, his 6’5” frame easy to spot. His height also makes him especially dangerous in the red zone where undersized safeties have little chance for success against him on jump balls and high throws. Additionally, Cameron’s wide-receiver like athleticism makes him a huge matchup problem for defenses.

When teams have played with basic zone coverage against Cameron, he’s been able to run freely, getting to his spots unimpeded, able to slide into open passing lanes. When defenders have matched up on him one-on-one in either man or zone, he’s primarily been head-to-head with linebackers because of his alignment in the middle of the field. These matchups provide a huge advantage for the Browns as linebackers are unable to compete with Cameron’s movement skills.

Brian Hoyer may have provided a spark for this Browns team in the last two weeks, but Jordan Cameron is their best offensive weapon, as well as the player opposing defenses will have to start building their gameplans around if they haven’t already.

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