Top 20 Quarterbacks: #15 Joe Flacco

While he’s played well in big moments over the last few years and was the MVP of Super Bowl XLVII, Joe Flacco still doesn’t sniff our Top 10. For the majority of his career, he’s played like a middle-of-the-pack quarterback. A good 4-game stretch during the 2012 playoffs (which included the “Fail Mary” in Denver by the way) doesn’t change who he is as a quarterback. Continue reading

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Top 20 Quarterbacks: #16 Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford is by far the most frustrating quarterback in the NFL to watch. On one day, he’ll look like a hands-down top 5 elite quarterback. On others, he’ll play like a rookie, making terrible decisions regularly and throwing the ball into double or even triple coverage. Continue reading

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Top 20 Quarterbacks: #17 Robert Griffin III

His talent is undeniable. He can throw the ball out of the stadium. In his brief career we’ve seen his ability to make some unbelievable passes. As a runner he can get to the edge and create explosive plays. He’s the definition of a dual threat. Unfortunately, that ability to make plays with his legs was clearly diminished in 2013 after his knee injury. Yet the bigger issue is that because of his knee, Robert Griffin III’s pocket passing skills were put on full display in his sophomore season; and they proved to be merely adequate. Continue reading

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Top 20 Quarterbacks: #18 Nick Foles

He was 8-2 as a starter last year with 27 TD passes, 2 interceptions, and a 119.2 passer rating (which ranks 3rd all time by the way). He led the Eagles from last place in 2012 to an NFC East title in 2013. He was an MVP candidate despite starting only 10 games. So why isn’t Nick Foles higher on this list? Continue reading

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Top 20 Quarterbacks: #19 Alex Smith

Alex Smith can’t get no respect. Despite his success over the last 3 seasons (31-11-1 as a starter) with 2 different teams, he can’t seem to escape the “game manager” label. Continue reading

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